June 5

my cinderella story (promft)

ounce there was a girl with her two step sisters and her evil mom. But one day they got a letter to the ice cream ball so they got dressed in there ice cream dresses. but then cinderella asked may i go so the mother yelled NO you may nit go you have work to do still and they left she cryed and cryed intill a bit of ice cream dust fell on her she was cunfuesed intill an ice cream cone said hello why are you upset she said well i cant go to the ball well you can now said the fairy ice cream cone well what will i where u will where this dress its ice cream cones on them Thank you fairy god mother now what shoes will i where u will where the new and a aprove ice cream shoes thanks  fairy god mother now your ice cream carrage mow you may go to the ball (NARATER) they entered the ball.wow owh is she said the prince 🀴🏼(NARATER ) the prince walked up to cinderalla and asked her whats your name. she said Cinderalla okay miss want to dance sure (MUSIC PLAYING) (DUNG  the clock struck 12:00 she must be back she ran and tripped down the stairs and left the only thing The ice cream shoe .He looked high and low and searched every house but then he finally showed up at the last house (DING he ran the door bell the two evil sisters open the door (Prince may i come in there was a pearson at the ball that was butiful as a bell can you pleses try on this shoe but if it fits  i will marry u.I will try it on first said one agggrag i wont fit.Give it too me now said the outher step sister now ill try it on okay it wont fit okay is there any one elsa yes just that raggy old scum made okay plese try it on plese okay it fits now will you marry me (YES)





May 25

Horses 🐎

Β Β Β  Friday,(25) 2018 Β  Β  Β  Β  hi today im going to be talking about hourses,did you know that you can tell a hourses age by looking at there teeth and gums there teeth is not all what you can tell there age from its also for grinding and chewing certiant things like grasses also a baby horse which is called (foals) still has milk teeth so they still drink from there mom horses can also hear (higher) and (lower) pitched sounds they can also sense a (fly) land anywhere on there body in the spring female hourses mate stallions after a early eleven months.horses can talk but the communicate in sertent ways by there (sent),ponies look more diffrent then horses they are (smller) and they have (short usally hairy legs) they also have sturdy bodies and thick manes and tails. these are some of the pictures of the baby horse milk teeth and the grown up horses teeth the pictures did not want to go to the bottom so now there on the top there is more facts so dont just leave yet there is also a picture of a skelotion of a hores there is labels of what the objects is if i missed any thing plzz say in the commentsΒ https://balloake.edublogs.org/wp-admin/post-new.php this is my blog i will have a nother post about pigs so i hope you comment and read the post and i hope you like my post bye πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

May 8

100 word challenge 🌟

One day there was a little girl moveing in next door nobody knew her and nobody did not want to even talk too her everybody in school said her house is hunted her house was covered in thick black leaves bushes full of posin ivey also her door would always creek so 3 girls went to go see what was up there names where Akeylah,Ericah,Nevah they would always be a group of friends that would have the best teacher in the world 🌏 but then her windows shattered in millons of pieces we ran so fast i tripped and fell end



May 2

middle school 😱😜

hi guys what im going to be talking about middle school next year im scared but exited of new friends and my old friends too also im not looking fordword to haveing homework on weekends also if we be late with our supplies past two weeks you get a lunch ditention also im so exited to be there and have fun amd lurn

April 16

what should anmendment am i

The anmendment that i would choose is if your too loud you have to spend recsse worki g on ohw you need to stop being loud if you dont like this anmendment plese comment but if you like then plesse comment to but you gouyd cant be loud all the time because then he will grow gray hair then have bags under his eyes the he will be MAD so thats what anmendment that i would have


April 13

the three anmendment

hi today i will be talking about the three anmendments, my anmendment was the execiteve branch and we had groups to do it but here is some information the president is the head of the executive branch whitch makes laws affical also the execitive branch is in the white house also the have the power to inforced or carry out laws and the presedent is electied by the intire country and serves a 4 year team

April 13

readers reflection

this is my bad they called him little guy but he thaght he wasent little it all started when he got lost and dinit know were to go so he met up with the necture bat and the little guy spotted some bugs and then a swoop down there and the humans thaught he was trying to fly in there hair so the smacked him and broke his wing somhe had to go tho the shelter and then he met new friends and he was in a cased healing

April 4

what make a good comment πŸ‘πŸ½(blogging challenge)

Hi today i am going to explain to you why and what makes a good comment, So the Β first thing that makes a good comment is that you want to see complet senteces also you want to see pireods in your text that you write. Then you want to see at least three to four deatails also the probalem and the solution in your story.Next if you dont know what it is like the star wish and wonder which is the star is what you love about it and wish is that what you wish is what you wish they could of added and wonder is you when you wonder about why they did this or how.

March 30


hi today at 1:37 pm we did a expedition and we did and saw cool things we had selfie sticks with phones the first thing we saw was a tornado it was very fast and it moves every where you went also the second thing was a hurricane once we saw the hurricane it was so big and wide it was moving 74 miles per hour our even more next it was the volcano it was cool it had lots of smoke especially magma

and that’s my expedition

by akeylah